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MFD is an independant visualization studio.
We reveal the essence of a concept by making ideas visible and bringing them to life.
MFD Studio /  Färnström Design AB
Magnus Färnström Art Director / Designer
Freelance / Independant
What we do


We create key artworks and designs for the advertising and entertainment industry. We deliever Key Arts for ad campaigns, posters, book covers, packaging design and more.  We also create logotypes and brand identites.

We always have a creative 360° mindset in our designs, which enables us to deliver complete campaigns for your brand or production. From design to final art.

Key Arts / Packaging Design / Book Covers / Posters / Brand Identity, / Logotypes



We design and visualize ideas for expos, events, retail-solutions, shop-in-shops, installations etc. We work in a 3D, 2D or handdrawn enviroment, depending on the purpose.

Expo Design / Event Design / Retail Design / Mockups / Interior Design / Storyboards



Our illustrations are the foundation in many of our designs, but we also delivers single illustrations for different purposes. We also provides animations based on our illustrations.

Key Art / Visual identity / Product illustrations / Icons / Pictograms / Manuals / Storytelling / Games & Apps

Magnus Färnström / Art Director & Designer
+46 (0)70 652 32 26
Studio Adress

Färnström Design AB / MFD Studio
Sankt Göransgatan 57, 3rd floor
112 38 Stockholm, Sweden
Who we are
We are a freelance / independant graphic design and visualization studio, situated in the old electrical factory on Kungsholmen / Stockholm. It concists of Magnus Färnström, Art Director / Designer and a 9-year old miniature sausagedog named Alfons.

Our mission is to support agencies/ brandteams/ publishers with designs and visualizations or other creative competences within the advertising and entertainment business.

With a wide network of different competences, it has enabled us to take on larger campaign-productions, since we always have a 360° mindset in our designs.

With a 20+ year experience in retail & brand experience, it has enabled us to on a high level transform  great designs in to physical enviroments. Therefore are we more than multidisciplinary in our mindset, when we reveal the essence of a concept or brand through our designs.,
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